Interview with the members of the Cluster

As a part of promotion of our association, and on the occasion of the presentation of the first jointly-built system, we gave an interview to Audio Lifestyle magazine.

The magazine is one of those, which do not bend down before the trends, and its editors have their own opinion on many issues. They call by name any trash goods, and flooded with equipment they can find true jewels. This is why we are even more pleased that, before other things, Audio Lifestyle has published the interview with us, the members of the Polish Audio Cluster. The interview and the curiosity towards our association and our work has been a natural consequence of the tests performed on our DREAM REFERENCE #001 system (click here). Our idea was attractive enough for the editors so they decided to immerse in the topic even further and get their readers acquainted with our association, ideas and plans for the future.

Interview in Polish

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