PEKA presentation in High Fidelity

Another piece of news about our association was printed in High Fidelity.

Similarly, as before, publishes the mention about the Polish Audio Cluster along with information about presentations of the PEKA members at Warsaw Audio Video Show in November 2016.

Press release (in Polish): click here

We invite you primarily to rooms 105 and 518, where you will be able to see and listen to two systems, DREAM REFERENCE #001 and DREAM REFERENCE #002, fully designed by six companies associated in PEKA: Audiomica Laboratory, Bodnar Audio, Encore Seven, hORNS, Pre-Audio and Shape Of Sound.

In addition, in rooms 111 and 115 YAYUMA is going to present and exhibit their equipment in association of a tube amplifier Egg-Shell Prestige 15WS MK2 “de lux” R2 prepared by Encore Seven especially on this occasion. You will also be able to meet the representatives of the Cluster at the National Stadium (Audiomica and hORNS). PLEASE FEEL INVITED!