Successful presentations at Audio Video Show 2016

20th Audio Video Show in Warsaw is now behind us. This was our debut and a great success for the start. After the show the press wrote a lot about our initiative and assessed it positively!

Especially on the occasion of the Audio Video Show we prepared two full and coherent systems – Dream Reference #001 and Dream Reference #002. The main source for both was a turntable. More details about them can be found in our portfolio. Apart from the audio devices, the rooms were equipped with VAP furniture and AVCON acoustic panels. The latter brand will soon officially become a member of the Polish Audio Cluster. The measure of our great success is the fact that the initiative of associating Polish brands was very well received by the media, journalists and the visitors who entered our rooms. Besides, the crowd which flooded our rooms, especially on Saturday, proves the very high interest in our association. Nevertheless, we are extremely pleased that Audio Lifestyle included our first system from room 518 on their list of seven best sounds of the show. Below you can find some of the publications about us and we invite you to check out the gallery:

in English:

AVS 2016 Turntables, Sound Stage

Audio Video Show Warsaw 2016 – part1, HiFi Knights

in Polish:

Złota siódemka, Audio Lifestyle

Audio Video Show 2016 obiektywnie, Info Audio

Polski Klaster Audio – w jedności siła, Sound Rebels

Polski Klaster Audio, Stereo i Kolorowo Underground

Relacja z AVS 2016 – nie musi być drogo,