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     11 May 2016

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     Audiomica Laboratory

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Audiomica Laborarory is comprised of a group of enthusiasts who manufacture audio cables. The production process always is preceded by a series of laboratory tests. They say about themselves:

After several years of research, we have found that apart from such obvious aspects affecting the quality of audio cables as a type of conductor, weave, shielding, dielectric or the composition of the conductor, signal filtering is equally important. That is why we have designed unique filters. Most of the research we conduct ourselves, however we are constantly extending our research capabilities through cooperation with external companies. The equipment for accurate measurements is very expensive and requires highly qualified personnel. We make use of external technical and measurement facilities when it is not possible or cost-effective for us to conduct research on our own.



Audiomica Laboratory is proud to present six series of cables for Audio-Video purposes; from low-end through hi-fi to high-end. Series starting with the most advanced:

  • Consequence Series
  • Ultra Reference Series
  • Excellence Series
  • Red Series (Reference)
  • Gray Series(Transparent)
  • Black Series(Gold)

Audiomica Laboratory products have been thoroughly reviewed many times and have received high rates. Moreover, the cables have won such awards as “Product of the year”, “Best Buy” or “Editor Choice”, which proves not only the high quality of the cables, but, above all, the outstanding sound quality, which enables to enhance even the finest audio systems.