Dream Reference #002

Polski Klaster Audio - system Dream Reference #002
This is an exclusive and uncompromising system, which has been polished up to the tiniest of the details, impressive, and in addition, Polish. Dream Reference #002, in every aspect, is undoubtedly a step forward in the operation of brands associated under PEKA. Visually, it is a work of art with its rounded fancy shapes in pristine white, and sonically, it is a heaven for the ears. Everything harmoniously connects weaves, flows and sounds. We have never experienced anything like that before.
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The recommendation for the system

Dream Reference #002 performs best with music with an admixture of modern and electronic sounds. Even a bit harder rock music would perform great. Moreover, the system will also easily cope with acoustic and live instruments creating an unforgettable experience.
  • Rock100%
  • Elektronic100%
  • Jazz90%
  • Classic90%
  • World music90%
  • Hard rock75%

In a nutshell

this is the second system developed within the internal cooperation of the Cluster's members. Dream Reference #002 is a complete hi-end system build from the following components: a turntable, a tube pre-amplifier and a tube integrated amplifier, horn speakers and cabling. It is targeted at the lovers of modern sound with lively and powerful beat, elastic and fast bass and clear high tones. The system is easy to set up, however, we recommend it for medium-sized listening rooms, which are not larger than 30 m2, and for courageous listeners, who are not afraid of modern and extravagant design.


Turntable Shape of Sound Skalar
The turntable is employed with a 12-inch arm with a removable headshell, which is entirely the brand design and is made of aluminium. Its shape harks back to the arms from the heyday of record players. A hybrid bearing mounting has been applied i.e. the composite of mini turned Japanese bearings with jewel bearings on bushes from synthetic sapphire. It has a handy and popular removable headshell with a cartridge, however this solution has not been widely used nowadays. Skalar's plate is made of 3kgs of solid aluminium. It is driven by a low vibration synchronous engine and a flat belt, which provide stable rotations. The turntable is convenient in operation, easy to set up and delivers expressive sound.
Więcej o modelu
Phono stage Egg-Shell Prestige PS5
A vacuum tube pre-amplifier from Encore Seven placed in a separate enclosure with its own power supply. There are 5 tubes responsible for amplification (4 x ECC83 and 1 x ECC81). It is designed to work with MM cartridges. RIAA characteristics. Highly rated, good sound.
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Amplifier Egg-Shell Prestige 12WKT
An integrated amplifier, which means that it contains a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier. Encore Seven best-selling product best matched to the system out of the wide range of manufacturer's amplifiers; it provides sufficient power, very good sound in the low bass registers and is not to clamant in the high registers. The amplifier is able to calm down even excessive capabilities of the speakers. Excellent musicality and dynamics. A Class A single-ended design based on KT88 power tubes provides the best sound quality. The amplifier is also distinguished with a unique branded design and a spherical remote control.
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Speakers głośnikowe hORNS Mummy
8-Ohm 2-way horn speakers with a large capacity in litres of the enclosure and a large 12-inch (~30cm) LF driver. Bass-reflex is directed rearwards. High sensitivity of 93dB and a very wide frequency response from 35 Hz to 23 kHz are the parameters which make them perfect partners for tube amplifiers. Thanks to the sturdy enclosure, attractive look and courageous design the system has a one-off visual character and outstanding sonic capabilities.
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Cables Audiomica Laboratory Excellence/Ultra Reference
High-End Audiomica Laboratory cabling meticulously chosen for extracting the best sonic attributes of the whole system. It is a set of cables from two series, which together match the system perfectly and keep sound/price balance.
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Where to listen

Where to listen

The system can be test in a listening room of Encore Seven in Bielsko-Biało, POLAND.
tel.: +48 886-586-554