Dream Reference #001

Polski Klaster Audio - system Dream Reference #001
The system built from the components of Egg-Shell, Bodnar Audio, Pre-Audio and Audiomica Laboratory is recommended for all those music lovers, who seek for a mature, deliberate, very lively and natural sound.
It is very reassuring to ascertain that Polish manufacturers can offer products that can beat western or Japanese competitors.
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The recommendation for the system

Dream Reference #001 sounds best with acoustic instruments, and vocals are truly exceptional. Due to its excellent stereophony as well as a well-aligned music scene, the system is also perfect for live music.
  • Jazz100%
  • Classic100%
  • World music100%
  • Rock90%
  • Elektronic85%
  • Hard rock60%

In a nutshell

The first system built in the cooperation of the members of Polish Audio Cluster. It is a complete high-end system recommended for the lovers of such genres as jazz, rock, world music, etc., where acoustic instruments and vocals dominate. However, it sounds great with other genres as well. The system sounds best in the rooms up to 25 m2, however, it largely depends on the acoustic properties of the listening room.


Turntable Pre-Audio SP-1501N
A turntable with a tangential arm mounted on an air bearing. Its design is more advanced in comparison to classic turntables. The tangential arm moves linearly to keep the cartridge in a tangential direction to the groove, thus in the same way as a head cutting a vinyl record during the production. The application of a tangential arm enables to achieve a much higher sound quality.
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Phono stage Egg-Shell Prestige PS5
A vacuum tube pre-amplifier from Encore Seven placed in a separate enclosure with its own power supply. There are 5 tubes responsible for amplification (4 x ECC83 and 1 x ECC81). It is designed to work with MM cartridges. RIAA characteristics. Highly rated, good sound.
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Amplifier Egg-Shell Prestige 10WSTH
An integrated amplifier, which means that it contains a pre-amplifier and a power amplifier. The new model prepared especially for Dream Reference #001 system. A Class A single-ended design provides the highest sound quality. Power-tubes applied are EL34. The amplifier is also distinguished with a unique branded design and a spherical remote control.
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Speakers Bodnar Audio Alcedo
Floorstanding speakers based on one full-range speaker. They offer a very good sound, especially with music recommended for Dream Reference #001 system. An even frequency along range thanks to one speaker without a cross-over. Aesthetic workmanship, timeless and calm design.
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Cables Audiomica Laboratory Excellence
Cables form the Excellence series, which have been modified a bit for the purpose of this system (neon-coloured couplers were added in order to achieve electrostatic properties). The set is visually coherent - a bronze jacket has been chosen to achieve a synergy with the wooden finish of the whole system. The set includes two power cords, speaker cables, an analogue interconnect and a phono cable with grounding. Everything has been carefully chosen in order to achieve the best properties of the whole system.
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Where to listen

Where to listen

The system can be test in a listening room of Encore Seven in Bielsko-Biało, POLAND.
tel.: +48 886-586-554